Corporate Information

Benefits Administration, LLC was incorporated in 1979 under the laws of the State of Maryland.

The Company’s approach to benefits administration is more than that of simply providing efficient record keeping and benefit payment services. While modern computer technology is used to deliver effective and economical services, we recognize that the real heart of administration is, and always will be, sensitivity to people – the participants and their families and responsiveness to their inquiries. In this regard, we consider communication with plan participants to be a key ingredient in making any benefits program work. We have not, however, reduced this requirement to sterile correspondence. Each of our customer service representatives is encouraged to issue personalized communications when such can clarify or simplify an instruction or informational request.

Our firm is very proud of the relationships we maintain with clients and their members. Such relationships tend to be close and our staff responsive to the individual member/dependent and his or her particular problem or concerns. We also recognize that no two groups or benefit programs are alike, that each has a unique personality, it’s own particular set of problems and issues, and therefore, it’s own very special requirements. We are responsive to that individuality and, rather than forcing a group to accommodate itself to a standardized way of doing things, we make every effort to adjust our methods to fit a particular situation. For established programs, this might mean, among other things, modifying existing computer programs and/or creating new ones tailored to satisfy specific reporting and processing demands. In the case of a newly established fund, it means an awareness of both immediate and long-term needs that will manifest themselves as the plan matures.

The Company retains a staff of 35 individuals. The duties of these personnel encompass the full range of technical and professional expertise necessary to perform multi-faceted services, as required in employee benefit administration.

As plan managers, we provide administrative services to benefit programs ranging in size from a few hundred to several thousand participants.

Corporate Values

  • Committed to the services we provide to our clients and always strive to provide best in industry customer service.
  • Recognize the importance of working as a team to meet our common goal as stated in our mission statement: To make a difference in the Plan Participants lives by providing caring, cost effective, and efficient administrative services.
  • Encourage open and direct communication throughout the organization.
  • Require integrity and honesty in all aspect of our responsibilities.
  • Value diversity across our employee base and look to encourage professional growth within the organization.
  • Understand the importance to a balanced work life and personal life for all our staff members.
  • All team members have the authority to solve problems and resolve any administrative issues with other vendors provided the solution is consistent with the Plan rules. In short, we solve problems.

Employment Opportunities

At this time, we do not have any open positions. To submit your resume for future consideration, send us an email at